In today’s global economy, labor costs have risen exponentially.

Sidelined by costs, companies are still expected to provide the same quality services their customers have become accustomed to; thus presenting them with an incredible financial drain. Call center service outsourcing now becomes a viable solution for companies to capitalize on their core competencies, allowing more room for success.

Pacific ConneXion provides complete and comprehensive call center service solutions to businesses, from start-ups to large enterprises. At PCX, we make it our goal to provide you with low-cost call center services without ever sacrificing quality.


Our call center service and solutions cover the areas of:
Call Center Service Partnership - The PCX Advantage
The call center service industry is now moving transaction-centric (volume) focus to a more customer-centric (quality) focus. We, at PCX can provide you both high quality services and still support high call volumes. We are committed to cutting down your costs by seamlessly maintaining the same, if not better, customer care services that you require and your customer’s demand.

The PCX advantage in call center service outsourcing

  • No excessive Front-End Capital Investment
  • No Capital Investment for Upgrade in Software
  • Cut Personnel costs (salaries, benefits, management staff)
  • No Worrying Over Telecommunication Costs

The benefits in outsourcing your call center service to PCX

  • Hardworking, highly trained and qualified personnel
  • Low turn-over of Customer Service Representatives
  • Potentially increase the number of your agents at current cost
  • Potential to run a 24/7 operation

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